Hand Sanitizer to kill germs
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About This Item
This item contains about 2 free hand sanitizer 8 oz bottles with included pump :. Priced at 19.99 We care about the safety and health of our customers and to ensure that they are well protected, we decided to include in each order 2 free hand sanitizers, squeezing and bottle touching. No need to press your hands, just press the pump with your elbow to help stop the spread!

High Quality Product: Facial masks are soft on the skin and make it feel comfortable and easy, our high quality filtering face masks ensure the physical barrier of smoking, drops, dirt, dust and powder They can help block pollution so you can breathe easily and safely in any environment, they are disposable so you don't have to worry about washing or storing them.
Flexible and comfortable: This disposable mask is designed to be lightweight and breathable, with the revealing and extending feature, the face mask will ensure full coverage of your nose and mouth, while soft The elastic ear loops won't hurt or irritate, just slide the elastic band over your ears and press the metal strap around the bridge of your nose to create a light seal around your face. Wide use: Breathable non-woven mouth cover suitable for personal, home, office, outdoor and other public places such as travel, gardening, short trip, driving, sports and outdoors. This mask is not for medical use, and is not proven to reduce disease transmission

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